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Frequently Asked Questions

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What stores carry Roche Leather products?
Does Roche Leather have a 1-800 number?
Where does Roche Leather get their materials?
Does Roche Leather offer rebinding?
What kind of guarantee does Roche Leather offer? 
Is there anything special I should do to take care of by bag?

What stores carry Roche Leather Company products? 

Although we don't actively pursue wholesale business, over the years we have developed relationships with some small retail stores, specialty shops, boutiques and galleries. We highly recommend them to you as great places to find unique things. Many of these locations only stock a very small number of our handbags while others stock a pretty good variety of our styles, patterns and colors. For best results please contact us at 1-800-762-4390 and we will be able to tell you where the nearest store is and what kind of selection they have. 

Does Roche Leather Company have a 1-800 number?

Yes. Call 1-800-762-4390 and we'll be happy to assist you.


What kind of guarantee does Roche Leather Company offer?

Although we can't make a bag new again, we do guaranty the workmanship against defects for the life of the purse. Normal wear and tear is excluded.This guaranty covers things such as hardware, straps, zippers, and sewing. Damage to the leather from use or sharp objects is not covered. Our hardware is the current state of the art. All plated metal fades with time and use. Our 22-carat gold plating will gradually fade to nickel imperceptibility and over years of use. Most people only notice the change when they buy a new purse.
Just send the purse to us with a note describing the problem and we will attend to it in a timely fashion.

Where does Roche Leather get their materials?

For 20 years we used a venerable family concern named Pearce Leather LTD of Northhampton. Unfortunately as a result of a family dispute Pearce closed its doors more than a year ago. We tried to source our leather in America and Italy but were disappointed with the results. Fortunately Michael Pearson the managing owner of Pearce Leather has helped us to create a new source for our leather in England. With his help we were able to purchase the embossing plates used to make the texture of our leather. We think the leather our new tannery is making is the best we have ever had the pleasure to use. 

Does Roche Leather offer rebinding?

We offer as a service the rebinding of our purses. If, after several years of use, the outer edges of the purse start to wear through, we can replace them for you. Because the leather that makes up the body of the purse lasts longer than the edging, rebinding can give you extra years of use from your bag. As part of this process, we also recondition your bag and replace worn straps and hardware at our discretion. Although we try to make your bag look as good as possible, we can't undo the changes that time and use have done to the body leather.The price for this service is $50 for medium and large bags, and $55 for briefcases. The price includes return shipping to you. If you wish to have your bag rebound, please contact us to ship it back.

Is there anything special I should do to take care of by bag?

Most of our customers don't do anything and our bags look good a long time. Almost any leather conditioner will work. Believe it or not, Greg sprays the bags with a little Pledge (yes, the furniture polish) if they get dusty on display in our show booth. For light colored bags, WD40 lubricant will clean the bag without damaging it. If the outside black binding leather starts to look gray, a black permanent marker (such as a Sharpie) will touch it up. Just be sure to wipe off the excess marker with a damp cloth or paper towel. 

Permanent magic markers are also useful for touching up worn colored bindings or gouges in the body leather. Most art supply stores will have a large color selection. Try to choose a color slightly lighter than the leather color you are touching up. Once again be sure to wipe off any marker residue with a damp cloth.If you are going to condition your bag, do so after using touch up markers not before.